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And at the end it sounds like it’s moved past us! The change in tempo from the verse to chorus is genius and I believe it is done to reflect the change from a dreamlike state to a moment of realisation. In that future he saw the girl he like leave; the noise from the pile driver woke him up in the morn chorus: User does not exist. Add your thoughts 12 Comments. User does not exist. Also gives the effect he’s dreamed about this in the morning.

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General Comment No comments? He comes to the realization that it is impossible to bring this news well so, if you want to do something impossible, better get comfortably dressed.

There was an error. General Comment My view on what the song means: SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery. Flag rogues on October 10, The mysteries that flash amber probably refers to worries or concerns he has that the girl can sort out. Banezi93 I feel like some of the best Turner songs go completely unnoticed by a large amount of people. Very well known in Canada because of an NFB animated short. Log in to add a tag. However, Piledfiver don’t think any of those defs have to do with the song: Log alrx now to tell us what you think this song means.


Stop watch and hourglass both show the amount of time he’s put into building up the “relationship”. I think doing that Submarine album did lead me into some of the songs on this album too. Lyrics submitted by will Could be a coincidence, but I suspect not.

Alex Turner – Piledriver Waltz Lyrics | SongMeanings

My Opinion I have yet to figure out this song, and Tuner not sure if I will unless it’s some spontaneous epiphany lasting only a few momentsso I’m just going to say this: In that future he saw the girl he like leave; the noise from the pile driver woke him up in the ylrics chorus: The first line ‘I etched the face of a stopwatch on the back of a raindrop, and did a swap for the sand in an hourglass’ suggests he is dreaming, whilst the line ‘sorta sounds like you leaving’ highlights his uncertainty about the relationship.

The chorus is sung a little differently than the rest of the song, almost a song within a song, if you will, and also the accent and time of the chorus very much suggests a waltz. Flag IllToast2That on Slex 19, Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more.

lyricd Login with Google Error: Log in now to add this track to your mixtape! He sees it coming, but the way you say it to someone can be hard. So he’s saying nothing she says now is going to change his opinion about her.


Piledriver Waltz Lyrics

Add your thoughts 12 Comments. My Interpretation I think “Piledriver Waltz” refers to love it’s self, almost opposites – a piledriver is loud,horrible and clumsy and the waltz is a rhythmic lurics, meaning love isn’t all beauty.

We do not have any tags for Piledriver Waltz lyrics. A piledriver is another name for a penis; a man who performs sex hard and fast; or the act of taking a poo. Amber is the warning stage of driving through an intersection, so perhaps there is risk involved with the mysteries of this relationship and with finding out more about how she feels.

Piledriver Waltz lyrics

So I said, what about these and Richard [Ayoade] liked them. He thinks very hard about what he is going to say. However he notes that the red never changes, meaning there’s certain things that can’t lyrcs solved or explained.

Log in to add a tag. General Comment love this one, can’t wait for submarine to come out The tempo changes to an almost waltz like tempo which reflects the idea of the piledriver waltz waking him up both literally and metaphorically.