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When you told him to use the Tutorial Telescope he knew he could go to the TutorialTelescope. Latest firmware is recommended but will run with old firmware backwards compatible with reduced features. The mount is not reacting on slew commands, tracking is of and it did not respond to tracking on command. True if the RightAscensionRate property can be changed to provide offset tracking in the right ascension axis. In other words, since it is not tracked, it is a method of automatically tracking.

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Required for all drivers see notes for Windows 7 and Aacom XP! This is where the details of Tasks are displayed. Again, after the slew is completed another slew results in the “Telescope, error turning tracking” message. Locates the telescope’s “home” position synchronous. If it’s still not working, test again when you have some time.

OnStep ASCOM Telescope Driver and ACP problem

Please follow the instructions below. I’d like to know what Sky Planetarium control of OnStep does at this point. Not sure if Satoshi has experience with ACP working or is making a general recommendation about that setting as a work-around.


The right ascension hours of the telescope’s current equatorial coordinates, in the coordinate system given by the EquatorialSystem property. The mount is also not responding to park or upark commands from ACP. Normal, unparking isn’t allowed while in use. Run the program and you will get the following screen:. Vixen Scpe external link Driver for the Vixen Sphinx mounts.

See the help file and release notes! As of this writing June the latest drivers are:. The black ascoj is not always black. Since the error message looked like the software I was using, I wrote the solution with my software. If you do not see this then you have an older version of Radio Eyes, or you do not have a telescope control level 2 registration. Zscom a configuration dialog box for the driver.

Serial to Ethernet Converters. Move the telescope to the given equatorial coordinates, return when slew is complete.

Telescope/Mount Drivers

If you do see these signs of success then you will also notice a Scope Simulator icon in your task bar. A collection of rates at which the telescope may be moved about the specified axis by the MoveAxis TelescopeAxes, Double method. Dcope if the SideOfPier property can be set, meaning that the mount can be forced to flip.


How to connect using a wireless router. Are there default limits in OnStep which I may have to change?

Controlling a Telescope over WiFi

Set only following a FindHome operation, and reset with any slew operation. Tested and confirmed working software: This are the settings in the OnStep setup: The new topic will begin with this message. Choose allows you to optionally pass the DriverID of a “current” driver you probably save this in the registryand the corresponding telescope type is pre-selected in the Chooser’s list. Set False by calling the Unpark method.

There are many things that Corky needs to know to do his job. Name Description Telescope Creates an instance of the telescope class. This can be done azcom POTH etc. Don’t display at all? Tasks have so many parameters that they just will not fit on the screen and so a horizontal slider allows you to scroll left or right through the task parameters.