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Hesi 53 2 9. We support Mathworks only not Simulink. They have two videos on their site explaining how to use the DAQNavi Assisstant for analog and digital tasks and at the end of the videos they even mention that if you have any questions you can call Advantech support. Realtime systems guarantee in this way that code can be executed on a specified time tick and will behave deterministic with regards to execution time. Sign up using Email and Password. Message 3 of 9.

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I mean creating a sin wave without frequency oscillation using Daqnavi drivers and advantech PCi card. Which video do you mean? Labview basics — virtual instruments, data flow, palettes 2. I couldnt find any example in the internet too.

We support both analog and digital trigger. You can access a millisecond timer value in LabVIEW, but as other answers have noted you can’t depend on a computer running a desktop OS to do something reliably every millisecond possibly unless you start writing code that runs at the OS’s driver level, which is one of the things you can’t do with LabVIEW.


This is not a cheap option, obviously unless it’s strictly for personal, home daqnavj. Structures — for, while, case, The same question was asked a month and a half ago – http: I should clarify that I meant a computer classified as a realtime system, not just the presence of a realtime clock.

What is your Sampling Rate specification? Resolution How Accuracy is for each measurement? To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. Will the labvieew be ignored again? If the driver and hardware can’t do that then it’s not a LabVIEW problem, it’s a limitation of the driver and hardware. Martinez, Undergraduate Student K. Do you support Interrupt function for DI? Do you support Matlab?

Digital and 4 configurable for Digital or 10 bit Analog Outputs: Currently only support DIO function Q: Share buttons are a little bit lower.

Can I use cable or terminal block from other company? If its functionality can satisfy you, you can simply use this software directly without any programming.


I can generate output signal without buffer but timing is a big problem lavview. Workshop 7 of 7 Welcome!. What is DAQNavi, where’d you get it, why’d you install it?

We support Mathworks only not Simulink. If that ins’t the case you should not buy products of this company!

DAQNavi Assistant VI User Guide for LabVIEW

Use a real-time operating system instead of a desktop OS. What is your Resolution specification?

It sounds as though you are trying to generate an analogue output waveform with a digital-to-analogue converter card using software timingwhere your software is responsible for determining what value should be output at any given time and updating the output dwqnavi. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out.

Baixar de driver de labview daqnavi

Sign up using Email and Password. Message 1 of 9. What kind of Trigger function you support?