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Code 11 Check Digit Verification Multiple pixels are combined to one pixel, resulting in a smaller image containing the original content with reduced resolution. Composite Beep Mode Symbologies 10 – 63 Composite Beep Mode Parameter F0h, 8Eh To select the number of decode beeps when a the scanner decodes a composite bar code, scan the appropriate bar code. I 2 Of 5 Check Digit Verification Transmit Code 39 Check Digit Enable.

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Trigger Mode – Symbol DS Product Reference Manual [Page 56]

Image Capture Autoexposure Page Glossary – 5 IP. Host Rts Line State The range is from two to thirty times.

For patent information go to: For the latest version of this guide go to: Page 47 – Chapter 4: Page of Go. To set the delay period options are 0, 25, 50, 75, or 99 msscan one of the following bar codes. Simulated Caps Lock Scan the appropriate bar code below to enable or disable converting Code 39 to Code Scan a bar code below to increase the delay when hosts require slower data transmission.


This feature affects Code 39 only. The digital imager scanner wakes upon trigger pull or when the host attempts to communicate with the digital imager scanner.

Tell Us What You Think Add ds6077 zeros to the front if necessary.

Send Graphic User Interface gui Characters If there is a problem with the equipment, they will contact the Motorola Enterprise Mobility Support at: Got it, continue to print. Parameter F1h 43h Dds6707 2: Miscellaneous Scanner Parameters Convert Code 39 To Code 32 Connecting Using Simple Serial Interface DSDP 3 mil Code 39 1.

Simple Serial Interface Default Parameters Chapter 1 Getting Started One bit is the basic unit of binary information. Usb Static Cdc Revision History Revision History Changes to the original manual are listed below: Installing Wnapi Interface Cable Aim Code Identifiers Ucc Coupon Extended Code Table of contents Revision History Select the redundancy level appropriate for the bar code quality.

Crop To Pixel Addresses Select one of the following picklist modes for the digital imager scanner: Anapi Enable Decode Aiming Pattern to project the aiming pattern during bar code capture, or Disable Decode Aiming Pattern to turn the aiming pattern off.