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Joined Sep 27, Messages 2, 0. I’m attaching a photo, in the hopes that this might expose my problem. From what I have read on some various web pages, that square 4-pin connector is for “Pentium 4” processors, and a few sites even state “if you are building an AMD system, leave it unconnected”. Joined Oct 3, Messages 27 0. So much for RTFM

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Problem with power connection to ECS nFORCE4M-A mobo

Joined Sep 27, Messages 2, 0. I had pretty much come to the conclusion that my mobo had a problem, so I went and got an RMA for it last week. Forums New posts Search forums. If i connect my CPU norce4m-a to the wrong connector then my system won’t boot. I’m think maybe I should move on to a different mobo, maybe another brand would work better?

Can anyone offer suggestions! Yes, I’ve read the mobo manual about 50 times, and that doesn’t really help. I’ll take a picture of my connections later this evening and ma posting them to this site.

Anyone have any thoughts? Joined Oct 6, Messages 1 0.

Problem with power connection to ECS nFORCE4M-A mobo | TechPowerUp Forums

When that is rules out, it might be the PSU. So checking the connections, I do in fact have the 3-wire lead from the CPU fan going to the 4-pin connection on the MoBo, and there are plastic parts on the connector that only allow it to mate up one way. I guess it’s time to send this board back and try to get a replacement. Would having my various fans plugged into the wrong spots be causing problems? Can you provide more detail?


New posts What’s new Latest activity New profile posts. I have a new ecw card on the way, just in case that might be part of the problem. Are there any other possibilities I should try? If I pull the 4-pin power connection off the mobo, the fans spin up and stay up, but I doubt the board is getting full power, and I don’t hear the speaker beep. Joined Oct 16, Messages 2, 0. That’s where I nfofce4m-a connected it right now. Joined Oct 9, Messages 1 0.

Could some sort of memory incompatibility account for this type of behavior? So that leaves me with only two components I have not tried swapping out – the CPU and the memory.

If I connect both the 4-pin connector and the pin connector to the MoBo, the board seems to power up for about 1 second and then immediately powers off.

Recently it just stopped working.

Joined Oct 3, Messages 27 0. This is my first venture into building my own PC, and so far I am about several hundred dollars and only have a large paperweight to show for my efforts.


RAM Memory 4gb ECS EliteGroup Mcp73vt-pm

Unfortunately, after hooking this up I got the exact same results I’ve been getting all along. Joined Feb 7, Messages 1, 0. Joined Mar 20, Messages 10, 2. I know that’s pretty out there, but i’m considering it a possibility because i don’t know else could be causing the problem on my system since it worked fine for so long. Does anyone have any ideas on what might be causing this problem? I only know it’s powering up because the various fans CPU, mobo, case spin up bforce4m-a.

The case ec plastic, so it wouldn’t be conducting anything regardless, but the mobo sits about 1 inch off the case with the standoffs already.

It’s brand new, with pre-installed aluminum heatsinks on each one.