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In Comm2A is this separator represented by character ‘;’ semicolon. Data description in binary form 5. Byte 12 is ignored in EuroM and EuroM. Separating items and values 2. Read informations about sales on ECR. Total Daily “x” Report Text journal Text journal is only a copy of journal tape in ECR.

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File contains 8 lines. Bar-codes are stored in compressed BCD format therefore are in one byte stored two numbers from bar-code. Byte 12 is ignored in EuroM and EuroM. Representing of used types. Lecom up the communication speed, where nnnn is speed, either or Note For reading data from PLU is meaningful only decimal places for display. Identification data and parameters of ECR 4.

Communication cable for Euro, Euro, Euro

Works on all ECRs. It was not possible to determine the transfer status to cash register.


It is not possible to perform operation wrong command combination. Single receipt structure for EuroTE. Number of decimal places for price coding to bar code 0 — 3 2 nd line: Programming PLU without stock state into Euro The Password Key Read information about current cash register. Programming The Euro Currency Currency payment is out of range or not allowed type of currency because ECR is in wrong Euro phase. Minimal time equals to the time of printing of bill times depends from initial bill and logo printing.

The customer display is a digit segmented display with backlighting. Sum of all add-ons applied to the item.

Type of secondary electronic scales – see user manual for scales types. Samples Of Basic Registration Procedures Data euor binary form description 3. Reading PLU count with non zero sale 3.

Euro-150TE Flexy

Description of command line parameters. Data 10 not erased. ECR in R or T mode. Multiplication In Plu Registration Each line contains data about one cashier.


Data in binary form description. Read bills text journal.

ELCOM Euro-100T Manuals

Particular tax level amount is over limit from the last daily report. Descriptive text is in each line for particular operation of ECR according to programming manual.

PLU number for coding total price to bar code range: Epcom text mode it is possible to use auto-detection of input file length and entering start and length parameters is not necessary but they have higher priority than auto-detection parameters, if are given in command line.

Clearing journals in ECR memory.