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Fonts can be graphical or mathematical constructs, represented by a series of dots or an assembly of curves and lines. Troubleshooting Guidelines To prevent equipment or media damage, take jewelry off of fingers and hands, as well as thoroughly clean hands to remove oil and debris before working on the Printer. Encoding Retry option is provided for the Operator via an on-screen button that correctly initiates an attempt to re-encode the card when selected. Page 66 LED flash. Select No Parity to change the Character Parity to none. Page – Using the Magnetic Track Selection optio Technical Support Our team is able to assist you 7:

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The following instructions explain how to download and install updated Printer Drivers.

Fargo CardJet 410 InkJet ID Card Printer – DISCONTINUED

Page rargo The Lid Sensor is a reflective Sensor used to detect if the cover is open. See Loading the Card Cartridge Hopper on page Enjoy intuitive supplies loading with Fargo’s exclusive SmartLoad card and ink cartridges.

Misc by Antuan Goodwin Apr 25, Viper SmartKey unlocks cars with hands-free ease, but requires alarm. Also See for CardJet User manual – pages. Ensure that the remainder of the print job is restarted when a new Cartridge is correctly installed.


The Ink Cartridges will dry out if not stored in their home position. Carriage Rod clean, as shown cardjrt.

Fargo Cardjet 410 Photo ID Printer

cardmet Page – Using the Bit Density radio buttons unde Looking for ribbons for your CardJet printer? Run a test card to check the card feed. Page 36 Touching these parts will result in clogs, ink failure and bad electrical connection. Ensure that the cards are printed with acceptable color reproduction and image placement when the Operator selects normal Printer Driver preference options and initiates a print job. Page 17 Troubleshooting Instructions.

Select cardje Magnetic Encoding tab to display options for controlling the magnetic stripe encoding process. Solution Install the Cartridge, then press the Card button on the front of the Printer to print or cancel printing. Page Print Server A device used to connect and control a Printer on a network. Click on the photo of the specific Printer model to begin installation. Repeat this process until no ink residue appears on a clean swab. Encoding Module After the Cancel button is clicked, there is a cancelled card in the Encoding Module.

The direction the Vertical and Horizontal adjustment arrows point within the Image Position window are representative of the direction the printed image moves. In traditional dye sublimation printers, the printhead is in direct contact with the card. Every customer receives our comprehensive ID Zone Advantage coverage at no additional cost, which includes:.


The on screen message will appear when custom Cartridge is first loaded into a Printer only if there is a problem with Cartridge initialization. This option forces all black pixels to be printed with both the YMC and the black pigmented pens. Page 52 Encoding Retry option is provided for the Operator via an on-screen button that correctly initiates an attempt to re-encode the card when selected. Cartridge needs to be installed by flashing the Card LED light.

Fargo CardJet Printer.

Dactek International Corporation :: Photo ID – Printers :: Fargo CardJet™ InkJet Printer

The CD will automatically open if it does not open, go the procedure on the next page. Page 82 Printer is out of cards. Both offer one step, error proof installations. Make certain that the Printer cable is securely connected. Cartridge is ready for printing.