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The S Zoom performed well on the Davebox test target, accurately distinguishing between the subtle tonal variations of the Q60 target and reproducing the large color blocks correctly, with good saturation, although the pure yellow block was a little muted. The new generation of Super CCD boasts even better color reproduction, even lower levels of noise and class-leading, ultra-high sensitivity up to ISO for the ultimate in richly detailed, high-resolution images. Multi-Exposure Mode A Multi-Exposure mode lets you overlay images in the same file, for a double-exposure effect. Dec 25, The downsides are increased power consumption vs.

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My biggest complaint about the S Zoom is that it tends to lose detail in strong highlights, and is also a s6002 prone toward overexposure on some shots. This looks to me like a real winner, a camera that will find a broad following among those looking for a bargain in a high-end “prosumer” camera with rich features and great picture quality.

It’s there if you want it though As detailed in my timing tests above, you’ll want to pay attention to the speed of the card you’re buying: Menu system The user interface on this camera is well designed, with some of the most common settings easy to change without even entering the main menus. Nikon D D If after reading this review you decide this camera is what you need, but you don’t need the extra Pro features listed below, you could consider the standard version.

Even with this advantage in the CCD though, I suspect there was still some tricky engineering involved in arranging things so the huge amount of data could stream through the JPEG compression and onto the memory card fast enough to not slow the 30fps frame rate.


Another useful button on the side of the S is the Shift button.

A preview screen appears after each shot, so that you can check the effect. Thank you for your support! While you can achieve much the same effect with most cameras by half-pressing and d602 the shutter button prior to the exposure, that approach has the sometimes undesired side effect of also locking focus.

Fujifilm FinePix S Zoom Review: Digital Photography Review

This looks to me like a real winner, a camera that will find a broad following among those looking for a bargain in a high-end “prosumer” camera with rich features and great picture quality.

As I mentioned a few thousand words ago, pressing the Info button will show extra info see above about your photo. Gear of the year – Jeff’s choice: For a while now many people on our Fuji Talk forum have complained that they have been unable to get the Z, well here’s the reason. Does the FinePix S get my recommendation? A Shift button on the left side of the camera provides shortcut access to a number of functions, saving a lot of time otherwise spent scrolling through menus or switching the mode dial to the Setup position.

You can s620 use the Focus Check button to enlarge the center of the frame and determine when focus is sharp. This latest generation of Fuji’s Super CCD technology finally seems to be realizing the promise the technology has held for lower image noise, as well as for high-speed data readout for movie-mode capture: It’s up to you to decide if fuju S is right for you.

Pour yourself a cocktail and enjoy. There are no comments here! This isn’t a mechanical ring — rather, it’s a x602 design, which electronically makes the camera adjust the focus.

To make it easy for you to support us, here’s a URL you can visit, to see all our current advertisers, with links to guji on that will register your visit to them as having come from our site. Shutter lag, full autofocus 0.


Fujifilm FinePix S602 Zoom Review

As you’d expect, the increased power capacity provided by high-capacity NiMH AA cells brings some clear benefits in terms of extended operating times. Aperture priority mode is just the opposite: Camera modes For the less confident photographers who will use this camera, there are some Scene program modes which will help you to achieve the best possible results in common situations.

Fujifilm S Fuhi in Compact Cameras. With the Final-5 Frame feature, I can finally capture all those previously-missed moments, since the camera effectively reaches back in time to grab what I was looking at up to a second before I released the shutter button.

Limited exposure controls s02 available, though the camera controls most settings. The scene modes provided are:.

Fujifilm FinePix S Series S Zoom MP Digital Camera – Black & Metallic gray | eBay

A602 tones were pleasing in both Outdoor portraits – A little pink, but I’ve found most viewers seem to prefer the “healthier” look that gives. Reproduction in whole or part in any form or medium without specific written permission is prohibited. Rogue drones cause chaos at London’s Gatwick international airport.

Obviously the body is a lot more compact and the lens is not interchangeable, but the body has extended manual controls.