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Select the unpartitioned area, and create a primary partition of 4 GB. Clicking on Logical View orPhysical View switches between showing logical drives and physicaldrives. You return to the main menu. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. In either case, be sureto use no more than the actual available physical capacity.

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You 1is to the main menu. Users with otheroperating systems do not have the ability to create hot spares that are dedicated toone logical drive. Write-through is simpler than write-back,because an entry that is to be replaced can be overwritten in the cache, as itwill already have been copied to disk.

F2Display the manufacturer data and the adapter error countfor the highlighted drive. To use thisoption, first select the logical drive or drives to change, then click ChangeConfig. Initialize Logical DrivesAll logical drives must be initialized. Tell us about it.

The provision of multiple interchangeable components to perform asingle function s1i cope with failures and errors.

HP NetRAID 1Si – storage controller (RAID) – Ultra2 Wide SCSI – PCI Overview – CNET

h; Valid options are -d1 Sunday through-d7 Saturday -h Hour in hour format. Save your configuration by responding to the save prompt. Changes the state of the selected disk drive to Online. Choose Easy Configuration from the Configure menu, and the arrayselection menu appears.


HP D2140-60001 NetRAID 1si PCI Lvd/se SCSI RAID Card

Press Esc to save changes and return to the previous screen. ContentsAdding a Hot Spare Select highlight the hot spare in the Logical Bp box. Page Chapter 6Capacity ExpansionV.

Enables or disables the onboard tonegenerator. The error count is displayed at the bottom of the Properties window. Disables termination on the adapter for the selectedchannel.

HP NetRAID 1Si Controller : HP NetRAID Series User Guide

After scanning has finished, press Esc. When you have selected the logical drives you want to initialize, press F10and choose Yes at netrad confirmation prompt. When the reconstruction is complete, enter the Disk Administrator.

Page Chapter 6Capacity ExpansionPrecautionsWhen using the Online Capacity Expansion feature, it is very important that youdo not create volumes that exceed the actual physical capacity.

You can also change settings for each object.

HP NetRAID-1Si Crack – Free Download

Page Chapter 5Reconstructing and Rebuilding Drivesthere is no risk of losing any data. EnterStop adding drives to the current array, neraid configure thelogical drive. Press the arrow keys to highlight the drives you want to initialize. Lets you configure the arrays, logical drives, and parameters ofyour system.


Don’t see a manual you are looking for? Max Storage Devices Qty. Press F10 to start the format. Press F10 and type Yes at the confirmation prompt. To rebuild drives manually, you must have a Ready drive of equivalent size. If you have more than one adapter, select the adapter for which you want tochange the PFS setting. Page GlossaryRebuild Rate: However, if you want to change this parameter, follow theseinstructions: When you are finished defining the current logical drive, highlight Acceptand press Enter.