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JS Indexeddb – restricted -. The device is a reading device. Learn everything about mobile web technology mobiForge. Supports Client Side – restricted -. CPU Cores – restricted -.

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Itelco IT2500 Device Specifications

The device is a games console. The site uses cookies. The total number of addressable pixels in the vertical direction of a rectangular display when held in its default orientation.

The marketing iit2500 for a GPU.

Itelco IT | DeviceAtlas

The name or type of the browser rendering engine used by the browser. NFC – restricted. Media is treated separately. The device is a media player.

The device is distributed with a proprietary OS pre-installed. HTML Video – restricted.

The model name of a device, browser or some other component e. Total RAM – restricted. VoLTE – restricted.

Device Data

The browser is Flash-Capable. Verify that the browser behaves as expected. Properties Check our available device properties.


CSS Transitions – restricted. Browser Name – restricted.

OS Name – restricted. The device is able to play the AAC file as expected. The ability of the web browser to start a new SMS message when a URI is defined with the protocol smsto followed by a telephone number e. JS Support Ut2500 – restricted.

OS Version – restricted. QCELP – restricted. Image PNG – restricted. JS Device Orientation – restricted. OS Android – restricted.

Itelco IT videoreview da – Video Dailymotion

Operators Get a sample of our TAC data. The browser supports CSS transitions. The browser’s JavaScript engine supports Event Listeners.

Describes the maximum size in bytes for downloaded from a web page and stored locally e. The browser’s JavaScript engine supports Touch events. The ability of the web browser to jt2500 a page using WML. Verify that a page protected with SSL is displayed properly.

The ability of a client to store cookies and send them when appropriate.