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This work for me, maybe it will help someone else. Up to six keys are supported. It wasn’t too difficult. I have finally connected my LCD. Now I need to get bigger display. Default value depends on model [legal:

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Reply Reply as topic. Did you have the same problem also with the previous version?

lcdproc conf file – Raspberry Pi Forums

Subscribe to our Newsletter Product information, software announcements, and special offers. Server section with all kinds of settings for the I server [server] Where can we find the driver modules? Another funny thing is that the update to 2. Let me know if you want it tweaked… lcdproc.

This is a handy way to indicate to users which keys are disabled.

LCDproc problem

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Today I worked a lot on it.

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Software Character Displays and Controls. The following it the built-in default mapping hardcoded in the driver. Now all the selectable panels are supposed to work, with the default configuration values. Only users with topic management privileges can see it. I remember doing this a long time ago back with PFS 1.


Now tnere you change the program’s settings or reinstall the package it is not necessary anymore to make sure the lcdproc service is stopped. Same with com speed. For example to give directly connected key 4 the string “Enter”, use: I stumbled in the same Problem with LCDd. D Ok, you are right, the status of gateway could be be better?

Basically I just made some optimizations, updated the binary package and re-align the list of the current drivers configurable with the ones available in the package, but since I don’t have all the LCD panels thee can configure and use in the package, any feedback is apreciated.

Have changed the following settings in the original service. Default value depends on model [legal: For serial ports leave it disabled. With the HD driver that I previously used, the display works perfectly.

Select what type of connection. Unable to get lcd2usb support in hd drivers with lcdproc propably you have to install libusb-devel package.


The special value ‘blank’ is similar to no, but only a blank screen is displayed. Unable to get lcd2usb support in hd drivers with lcdproc i have the same problem and also tried outptu to get this to work.

Loading More Posts Posts. This work for me, maybe it will help someone else.

Also, not lxdproc drivers support brightness contrast so will be skipped if not supported. This because setting the refresh of the panel to 1 second was actually 2 seconts 1 to wait for the refresh, 1 to wait for the CPU calculation I finish a couple of things then I submit lcdprc commit in the package portal… just for example, I add the pic of my panel with the new information available So I guess it’s stable.

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