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GX2 has intellisense but it would display only the first few characters of the variables even though it could have easily displayed more. The problem is that the Mitsubishi allocates data backwards from the order you specify. They were easy enough. This was simple and worked flawlessly. July 27th,

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December 19th, The error message said something about my PLC may not be supported but my PLC was the ush kind with the right serial number. There is lots of it but it isn’t very clear. The FB do not let you specify absolute addresses.

Socket level functions don’t hack it. The BMOV function would accept an array as the source and destination. Mitsubishi FX3G rs communication via Programming port. Also, if I used long names the boxes wouldn’t fit across the page and I would get errors instead of mktsubishi HMI moving the boxes for me so they would fit.


I couldn’t make a one register alias for the first word in the structure or array that I could use either. I should have stopped right there and handed the PLC back to Jacob.

To make sure I had the right variable I had to hover on a possible variable until the whole name was displayed. I know our software still requires a mouse but not all the time like GX2 does. Find More Posts by Peter Nachtwey. The fact that Mitsubishi has an Ethernet port does not mean it is functional.

Q series USB driver

The problem is that the Mitsubishi allocates data backwards from the order you specify. Perhaps I can’t sockets in a FB. Our projects export as. At first I was very impressed that one can have arrays and structures. Where do those read links from advertising come from?

This was simple and worked flawlessly. You are not registered mitsubisshi. The error messages were often misleading. Jacob found out what is wrong. I let our Jacob in tech support have a go at it. This means that the data structures where also allocated backwards in memory.


It is fairly typical. They should have one complied help file with lots of cross indexing like we do. Please read this important info!!! Talk about a hack to confuse customers.

Mitsubishi PLC Q03UDECPU MELSEC CPU | eBay

It takes too s03udecpu code. Originally Posted by Peter Nachtwey One should be able to program without having to use a mouse. They were easy enough. July 12th, Find More Posts by MichaelG.

You must using symbolic names for everything.

After fighting with the system for a few days to make the read function block I activated the read function block and the first thing it did was to stop the PLC when it tried to open the socket.