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They were more or less thrown to the lions and yeah you can say most of it was the own doing but its not like they intend to make mistakes or not deliver on what people seem to think are promises. If your focus is on other simulations, your best bet is to wait and see where compatibility is heading as MMG is hoping to expand the line of supported titles soon. Right now, the display works with rFactor, support for iRacing and Live for Speed is around the corner. More On Your Favorite Sim: If you were like me, freaking busy over the past holiday season, be sure to check out Vol 4, Iss 5. The only way to turn it off is to unplug it, remember to plug it in before using rFactor again as the sim will crash when the plugin is installed without the display being plugged in. What would make a great addition to this would be some more buttons the old I wish there were more buttons on my G

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MMG and its disciples like to think of it as something special.

MMG is not a group of 1 or 2 people yet the entire group seeminly is judged on the personalities of a couple of people. The top bar is used to display revs while the segment displays give out speed, gear and fuel information. I make no apologies for English simrdis7x my primary language.

They were more or less thrown to the lions and yeah you can say most of it was the own doing but its not like they intend to make mistakes or not deliver on what people seem to think are promises.


But they are the leaders, and they are among the most active MMG posters in various sim racing forums.

You say infrequent mod releases as if they are expected to be constantly rolling them out for you. I bought MMG display!!! Its not just going to be for rFactor either remember. Sadly, Yanden and Phil were the wimrdisp7x abrasive members of MMG toward community criticism of the initial release of the F1 mod and its lack of instant voting simrdksp7x Hall of Fame status.

Both can be bought visiting the MMG website.

MMG SimRDisp7X – Review

Thats their opinion and therefore a fact. Seems thats not enough for some people. I remember wrong, or ctdp has released the !!!!! Lets face it they did eventually deliver on MMG F even if it took mmy goes. Compatibility to Live for Speed and iRacing is around the corner though as the MMG developers are busy working on the required plugins. Has it a mounting kit for the G25?

MMG SimRDisp7X – G25 Edition Photos – – % Independent Sim Racing News

You may also like. Using the Display Right now, the display works sumrdisp7x rFactor, support for iRacing and Live for Speed dimrdisp7x around the corner. What separates MMG from most other modders and modding groups is its arrogance, and that reputation takes awhile to shed. No matter how much they over-promise or under-deliver with mods, this hardware is there, its real, its done and you get one if you pay for one.


They have paid and are not getting it.

CTDP creates more comprehensive, realistic and polished modern F1 mods. This reputation though was borne from gossip, hatemongering and people generally being overdramatic and judgmental. This historic mighty powerful Williams-Renault team was once upon a time the team to beat.

MMG SimRDisp7X – G25 Edition Photos

Be sure to keep your eyes out for this upcoming exciting mod. Judge this thing on its own merits and quit holding grudges and living in the past. The rest of your post I think you have exaggerated for effect.

Who the hell does armed robberys on courior vans? Do you think the mod makers are the ones who have produced this hardware and have stopped work to do so? Your as big a piece of shit as petros mak. If its F1 you want, you wouldnt go with HistorX now would ya? MMG has delivered an almost flawless product, the build quality is great and both display and software work like a charm without any dimrdisp7x.

They must be the best modders out there. I could cite more examples, but you get the drift. Get a life man, we have not all this free time like you…. Before this I was going to go for the CXC one but this is far superior.