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Single camera Main camera: Motorola makes a great phone and if you need a standard phone this one will fulfill your needs. You may also like. Progressive text and dictionary function s the phone can learn to identify possible word combination’s when entering names and words. How can i tell if the motorola w is a china fake?

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I have been missing an FM radio and a couple of normal games, as the nice presence of Live means that all applications omtorola demo version.

Motorola W510 (Unlocked) Cellular Phone

Best smartwatches this year. Programming is easy, fits the hands nicely and is not bulky. Games and video content typically take up the biggest amount of storage space. Good phone that looks trendy without paying big bucks.

Motorola W – User opinions and reviews

Of course Motorola is fighting, they are probably announcing 50 new handsets this year, but until they arrive ones has to do something to maintain current sales. This button is used for the same thing also when the phone is open. Voice chat, send an email, share images or just simply send a message. Computer sync Phone features Notifications: Come closer with the Motorola W The browser can theoretically display HTML pages too, but this is completely unnecessary, as in case of a more complex site it collapses and only says the user that the page is too large.


Also, adding additional memory was confusing as this phone can accept a maximum 2GB micro SD card but only if it is a SanDisk brand. If we access the file manager and play music from there than we get to see the factory default Motorola music player, which can run in the background without problems, but there are no special options. But when i o The alarm clock can store many time points and it alerts even when the handset is turned off.

Only bad thing I’ve noticed is the screen sometimes takes a little bit to load. Date motroola – Shows the date when the particular phone is approved by the Federal Communications Commission.


At local level we can use a standard USB cable to access the memory card even without special software, but if we would like to tamper with the internal contents of the phone we will need the software suite.

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There is a strange situation in music. Bluetooth Share music, exchange photos and talk with no hands.


Motorola W Reviews, Features and Downloads

The world is your oyster with quad band technology incorporated into this handset. Best Android photo and video apps. I think I’ll have to buy another one if the repairs cost too much. Additional display – Shows specs of the phone’s additional display. I was sick of hanging problem of W However, battery capacity is not the only factor that has an effect on kotorola life.

I’m looking for a phone that has a Sims slot and a SD card slot. Quad band The world is your oyster with quad band technology incorporated into motorolq handset. Skip to main content. Colors – Shows the number of colors that the additional display supports.

This phone is a convenient way of continuing cell phone service through a GSM provide ww510 having to lock yourself into a contract. Single camera Main camera: Pros No pros Cons Thick body 0.

Talk time – As rated by manufacturer.