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I downloaded the driver and installed it. Just got back from the msi website. Shawski,please describe your whole setup. I know I can’t get connections to the internet or to or from this box on my network. I’ve downloaded the newest Epson drivers for XP and no luck. I downloaded and loaded the 4in1 drivers and rebooted, but that didn’t solve the problem.

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Oh and Darcy would love it if you can provide a diagram of the LAN: There should be something there, it is usually covered in the mobo manual. Win2k is a funny beast tho when you pull out things from device manager. Forums New posts Search forums.

PLA1B Hi-Speed USB Host-to-Host Bridge Controller (LQFPTY) ($) : Saelig Online Store

The 4 Nodes consist of 2 wireless and 2 wired systems. What’s new New posts Latest activity. On the Advanced Tab I get an error Message: Let’s not go hhost I the retruned the Email and am waiting for a reply. Gone into safe mode and tried that route.

I’ve brought the printer back to the store and they tested it and found what they thought was the problem, a 15 foot USB cable they sold me didn’t work right. Justintime Moderator Sep 28, I haven’t got the problem PC updated yet due to the internet connection problem I’m having with that machine.


I thought it had something to do with the USB host to host thing but apparently not.

What is a “USB Host to Host Bridge”?

You could also check the msi website for updated usb drivers. I downloaded and loaded the 4in1 drivers and rebooted, but that didn’t solve the problem. Do you have any ideas? Since the host bridge is on the mobo, I owuld check the cd that came with your mobo for drivers. Altho reading the section on the pc to pc networking thru usb, it appears that they do load a driver for it, in a package they called Genie link pc to pc sub setup in the last volume of the manual.

At this point, sounds like you have little to lose by trying this driver. Sometimes the printer shows and sometimes it doesn’t. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

PL-25A1B Hi-Speed USB Host-to-Host Bridge Controller (LQFP48-TY)

D no worries, shawski, these peeps’ll get u thru it. I’ve downloaded the newest Epson drivers for XP and no luck.

This my first post here, so if I’m in the wrong Forum It is small, under a meg so you can get it to the machine on diskette. Thread starter eagl Start date Sep 28, This link has the latest drivers for that, it may or may not fix your machine: They switched it to a 10 foot and it worked. I don’t have the the Motherboard CD, so I couldn’t try that suggestion.


Win2k is not very friendly about dynamic configuration changes. You must log in or register to reply here.

But why can’t I get this new printer to work? Hello Justintime I did install the drivers off the MSI mobo cd and windows said it wasn’t a signed driver, blah Formatted the drive and reinstalled xp and all the latest drivers including via 4in1.

I will try to look into this on the MSI site and get back to ya!

A quick read thru leads me to believe that your problem is not the hardware usb to host bridge, but that the pc2pc genie software is the problem.