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I was using our systems as were many customers at that time, but the controller that failed is actually not utilized all that much. I’m talking to HP about the problem, so I’d like to give them some feedback from others. I know the MSA is relatively new, and I saw the post recently that 3. Please enter a title. Until last week, for example, the EVA and wasn’t even on the VMware supported list, even though those platforms have been available for use for ages on the HP list. Of course this was captured after the problem appeared.

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I sent a message to HP’s support to see what they have to say about this.

As usual, they act like there’s never been a problem with the MSAcs. I guess this would msz1500 with the disconnection of the MSAcs from the fiber channel network, but seems a bit odd. VMware updates the HCL on a schedule something like every couple weekswhile your vendors may update their list on a daily or even constant basis. Thanks for the responses! Anybody else have continuous problems with these?

It’s too bad that online firmware upgrades can be done on the drives, otherwise we would keep them up-to-date more often. Good luck with HP in this matter, hope you get some constructive feedback of them that you can share with the community, i haven’t got any regarding these issue’s in the past from them.


Please enter a title. Hopefully the MSA is the answer, but I won’t be holding my breath.

I’m also of the same opinion, but I haven’t found anything to replace it with at the same price-point. It could, however, influence who you call for support in case of a severe problem. Cost is a huge factor. That’s exactly the market that the MSA was intended for It’s just unfortunate that the unit has some problems. This content has been marked as final.

Profile has always been set to Linux. Might be more expensive, but if it works I have the same question Show 0 Likes 0. I know the controllers have come down in price in the EVA series, but not sure about the disks.

HP StorageWorks MSA CS Storage System Arrays

Before you knock us implementing MSA1x00’s in small and medium enterprises, remember that this is Africa. Well for me i dont trust the msa verry much to many negative experiences, i have more confidence in the eva solution that has proven for a decade that it is a good storage solution. Do the EVA disks have this limitation? It certainly has been an irritation to say the least.


Anybody have “great” success with them? So, not too much contention at all. This information can be extremely useful in diagnosing what is causing the particular problem.

HP Msa1500 CS Modular Smart Array Aa986a With 1 X Controller 411048-001

I would not advise upgrading to 7. HP Support “did” ask for some additional configuration information, including FC switch config, so I’ll be providing that soon.

I suspect that’s what it was doing at the time. It’s still more expensive to buy an entry-level EVA compared to the MSA platform, but the difference in price has decreased, I believe. I’ll be in touch after I hear the next steps toward a solution. Of course this was captured after the problem appeared. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. You can not post a blank message.

They said they’re still investigating and will be in touch on Monday. I never knew it could change modes on-the-fly though since it would have had msa150 work for a month or so, and then decide to switch.