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It’s supplemented with an antivirus and firewall – Norton Internet Security Otherwise, we analyze their efficiency as well. It’s much more interesting to review motherboards on fresh chipsets. But on the whole, such a cooler should be evidently avoided. Memory is set to the standard frequency for a given memory module multiplier correction , if a manufacturer does not publish any ways to improve memory overclocking. I agree to terms above and have a “. Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method.

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MSI K9N4 Ultra-F nForce4Ultra/PCI-E/Sata2/DDR2 AM2

But they are wrong, because this family possesses quite competitive characteristics. View our privacy policy. However, there may be slight differences in store pricing or inventory compared to what is listed online.

It’s the same design – a small heatsink with purely nominal finning.

Stores Availability Store Hours. Coupons are subject to change without notice. However, we don’t know the answer as to why it’s done this way — the motherboard is intended for the most unpretentious and tight-fisted consumers, while the others have an excellent opportunity to cater to their demands and buy the above mentioned motherboards on nForce SLI – MSI K9N SLI Platinum with passive cooling.

Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method.

MSI K9N4 SLI — A Motherboard Based on NVIDIA nForce SLI (Socket AM2)

We have recently proved that even cutting it radically down to x1 has no ksi consequences for video performance in games given a video card has enough on-board memory. For example, if you wanted to install a new video card in the computer, you purchase a video expansion card and install that card into the compatible expansion slot.


However, this cooler has a standard retention module. Metwork overclocking potential is an individual property of a given motherboard sample to some degree, we don’t set the task to determine overclocking potential to within a single MHz. Otherwise, we analyze their efficiency as well.

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Considering the fact that this chipset is not notable for being cool, engineers have to use a high-speed fan. I am not eligible for this product.

So it’ll be easy to find an efficient replacement, especially if you like to perfect cheap models. TigerDirect Business is not responsible for ultraa or photographic errors.

We respect your privacy and take it very seriously. All others trademarks and copyrights mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners.

MSI K9N4 Ultra-F – motherboards specifications.

Overclocking In order to evaluate the motherboard and its BIOS, we overclock our testbed processor to a maximum stable level. What do we see? Indeed, consumers associate nForce4 chipsets with something ancient. Considering that motherboard manufacturers did not wait for NVIDIA’s approval to use nForce 4 for Socket Mmsi and such motherboards were offered by all manufacturers right from the start, we did not test them for a simple reason – no time.


No changes on the chipset level do not mean that motherboard manufacturers cannot or k99n4 not modify designs. SerialATA is capable of delivering 1. I agree to terms above and ultta a “. You are about to purchase Microsoft Office University Edition. Dual-channel lets one controller handle the reading and writing while the other controller prepares the next access thus preventing a delay.

Back to Search Results. Below is a listing of different standards of Ethernet and additional information about each of them.

But it won’t hurt to review at least several typical models. Limited to stock on hand. As we know, along with noticeable whistling, it will eventually start “rumbling” for several minutes after startup. Page Feedback Click to open Click to open Click to close. We use all features of the motherboard in this test, including raising CPU voltage and adjusting multipliers and frequencies of system and peripheral buses, if necessary but if, for example, reducing Hyper-Transport frequency does not improve overclocking, we leave the default multiplier.

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